Day Trip to Ourika valley from Marrakech

Day Trip to Ourika valley from Marrakech. Departure from Marrakech: The day trip usually starts with a morning departure from Marrakech. Ourika Valley, located approximately 60 kilometers south of Marrakech.

Scenic drive through the countryside: As you leave Marrakech behind, you’ll enjoy a scenic drive through the picturesque countryside, passing by small villages, olive groves, and terraced fields. The journey itself offers glimpses of rural life and the natural beauty of the area.

Day Trip to Ourika valley from Marrakech

Ourika Valley: Upon reaching the Ourika Valley, you’ll be greeted by stunning mountain views, lush greenery, and the Ourika River flowing through the valley. The valley is known for its beautiful landscapes, including cascading waterfalls, traditional Berber villages, and terraced gardens.

Visit a local Berber village: Your tour may include a visit to one of the Berber villages in the Ourika Valley. This provides an opportunity to learn about the traditional way of life, interact with the local community, and perhaps visit a local family’s home to experience their hospitality.

Exploring Setti Fatma: Setti Fatma is a small village in the Ourika Valley and a popular stop on day trips. It serves as a base for trekking and hiking in the area. You can take a walk through the village, explore its narrow streets, and browse the local market for handicrafts and souvenirs.

Hike to the waterfalls: One of the highlights of the Ourika Valley is its beautiful waterfalls. You can embark on a moderate hike to reach the cascades, passing through scenic landscapes and crossing rustic bridges. The hike typically takes around one to two hours, depending on the specific waterfall you choose to visit.

Enjoy a traditional lunch: During your day trip, you’ll have the opportunity to savor a traditional Moroccan lunch in a local restaurant or guesthouse. The meal often includes dishes like tagine, couscous, or grilled meats, allowing you to taste the flavors of Berber cuisine.

Return to Marrakech: After a fulfilling day in the Ourika Valley, you’ll make your way back to Marrakech. The return journey gives you more time to appreciate the scenic beauty of the region before reaching the bustling city.